Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music (Recorded by Ragnar Johnson & Ralph Harrisson) - Mindanoo Mistiru / Gold From Wax (2LP)

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2LP, Sub Rosa, SRV434, 2017


Mindanoo Mistiru
A1 Drum dirge 2.23
A2 Wub Allem 'Beautiful World' 4.31
A3 Galla song 2.33
A4 Afar divination chant (Jinele) 8.20
A5 Two Afar flutes 2.16
A6 Anuak toum thumb piano (sanza) 3.48
A7 Nuer harp 1.53
B1 Lome. Dorze song 3.24
B2 Jigsaw's 'Give Me Money' Song 4.51
B3 Bagana 4.04
B4 Habeebe ('My Love') Mary Armeede 8.58
B5 Nuer dance 2.36
06 Konso dance of the Hrela age grade 1.18

Gold from Wax
C1 Eyo, Dorze song 2.39
C2 Kofu 3.12
C3 Anche-Lej-Amaleh 3.12
C4 Bagana 2.17
C5 Galla song 3.14
C6 Harambeh Africa 1.36
C7 Konso song 3.31
C8 Msgana 4.56

D1 Fanno, Mary Armeede 12.15
D2 Fila Flute Dance 3.09
D3 Nuer wire strung harp 3.09
D4 Jung Nai 1:03
D5 Anuak toum thumb piano 4.48
D6 Walla-Lam 1.26
D7 Afar flute 1.28


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