Enzo Minarelli – Fame

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CD: Pogus Productions, P21066-2, 2012 USA

01 First Polypoem For A Great Man: Genghis Khan; 02 Second Polypoem For A Great Man: Genghis Khan; 03 Third Polypoem For A Great Man: Genghis Khan; 04 The Grandeur Of Genghis Khan; 05 A Great Homage To The Number Five The Perfect Number For Genghis Khan; 06 Knowledge As Purpose Of Life; 07 The Flavour Is The Presence Of Each Person; 08 What Is Not Attractive Any Longer Nobody Looks At But It Remains Forever; 09 To Be Is, Not To Be Is Not; 10 I Don't Like Poets Who Add Dead Complexities To Living Ones; 11 Luzvidaluz, To Oscar Niemeyer; 12 Names Of Cities As National Anthem, To Sinclair Lewis; 13 Succeed Without Asking; 14 The Weak Suits; 15 Done Nothing So I Am Not (Poem In P); 16 Those Who Fear The Pain (Use The Medicine Of Religion); 17 This Poem Expresses By Means Of Sound What The Word Cannot Express, To Caspar David Friedrich; 18 Gilgamesh Sumerian Poem; 19 Ptyx; 20 Seeking The Sound Pharmacopoeia

Pierwszy raz Pogus przeznacza na poezję dżwiękową całą płytę.
Fame zawiera 20 nowych poliwierszy stworzonych przez znanego włoskiego poetę dźwiękowego Enzo Minerellego w latach 2008-2010.

Enzo Minarelli – Fame - Cechy
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